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Choosing the Right Hair Color

Thank you for visiting Amal Studios, the best kept secret for hair color experts Raleigh NC has been keeping. Amal Hester has been coloring hair for over 10 years and hair color and keratin treatments just happens to be her specialty. There are many things we can do with our hair. Haircuts, straightening, relaxing and coloring are the most popular things people do for a new look. There are many reasons to change your hair style. The biggest reason is to give yourself a pick me up. Changing your style or color is a great way to boost your self image.

Hair color can change your look dramatically. Though you can go to the drug store and buy an over the counter box of hair dye and dye your hair yourself, going to a reputable Raleigh hair stylist that specializes in hair color will provide you with the best results. Changing your hair color can change your overall look for the better, but you have to choose the right color to enhance your look.

The experts say to choose the proper color you must take note of your skin tone. Your hair color should complement the color of your skin. The right hair color combination with your skin tone can bring out all your features in a way the wrong hair color never could.

If you think about it, when you were created, painstaking consideration was put into how your hair, eyes and skin tone worked together to give you your unique look. Changing your hair tone will give you a look different from your norm, however, if done correctly, it will give you a look that surpasses your everyday look.

You have four choices in color types: lighter, darker, highlights or enhancements. Lightening your hair color does not necessarily mean going blonde. Lightening your hair can mean going a shade lighter, but in the same color tone. A lighter shade of brown for instance, can bring out your eye color and enhanced your facial features.

To enhance your natural hair tones, consider adding high or low lights. Highlights can bring out the brighter tones of your hair and low lights complement the darker tones. Going darker means to go darker than your natural tone. This could give your hair pops of red, warm or cool tones.

There are thousands of hair dyes on the market. Every basic color has a variety of complementary shades. Choosing the proper color for your hair is simply a question of matching your skin and eye colors with a dye that works for you. Consulting with a professional Raleigh hair color expert can ensure your new color is the right color for you. No matter what you choose, changing your hair is an adventure to be embraced.

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