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keratin treatment

Keratin Treatments in Raleigh

Getting the best keratin treatments Raleigh NC has to offer can help individuals living in the area achieve straight and smooth hair without frizz. Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent chemical process. Those with naturally curly or wavy hair can benefit from having keratin treatments, which will make blow drying and hair straightening much easier. Many individuals want to know what a keratin treatment is before they have their hair treated. A keratin treatment is a chemical process, so individual who have a sensitive scalp should check with their stylist before getting their hair treated. Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in individual’s hair.

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

When an individual has a keratin treatment, a stylist will apply a keratin hair straightening solutions to the hair. After the product is applied, a stylist will then heat the product with a flat iron, which will seal the product to the hair. The entire process takes around 90 minutes, but it can take longer for those with long or think hair.

When individuals have keratin treatments applied to their hair, it can reduce the time it takes them to blow-dry their hair significantly. The treatment is also effective at eliminating frizz that can happen in weather conditions, which is beneficial in humid or rainy weather. After a keratin treatment, the rain or humidity will not have an impact on the hair.

How to Care for Hair After a Keratin Treatment

For those who have a keratin treatment applied to their hair, it is recommended to wait before washing their hair. The recommended time individuals should wait to wash their hair is three to four days, which will give the production time to work and completely soak into the hair. Once individuals have waited the recommended time to wash their hair, they should use a sodium-sulfate-free shampoo that will help the treatment last as long as possible. The usual time a keratin treatment will last on individual’s hair is about two to six months.

Although keratin treatments will not damage an individual’s hair, a flat iron could cause breakage. A keratin treatments is a restorative process that strengthens hair. It is best to discuss the treatment with a stylist before an individual decides to have it done. If an individual is considering having a keratin treatment applied to his or her hair, then contacting a reputable stylist in Raleigh will be beneficial. A stylist will be able to answer any questions and explain how the process works.

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